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Middle One FOR SALE (Millie x Sunni) by EnchantedAdopts
Middle One FOR SALE (Millie x Sunni)
Sunni x Millie

**Guys help me out, textbooks JUST for this first summer session were $105 which was completely unexpected. It has given be a pretty big blow to my budget so the more I can make on these and commissions the more I will feel safe money-wise.***

-Bid on the bidder before you so that you create a chain and people know where they stand!
-If you have questions, ask!
-You must credit me for the art and original design of these characters, however you are allowed to tweak designs slightly.
-You can bid in points or cash, 100 points = $1.00
-The end date for these is June 7th (two weeks)

Number One SOLD TO Kama-ItaeteXIII
Features: Single horn, long thin-haired tail (much like horse tail), flowers of both mothers' kinds scattered in tail, large flowers across entire shoulders, wolfish appearance
Buy it for: 500 points/$5.00

Number Two
Features: African Wild Dog build, AWD ears, regular tail, flowers scattered on shoulders and hips
Buy it for: 300 points/$3.00

Number Three SOLD TO eto-tan/eto-nyan
Sold For: $4.00/400 points
Features: Wolf build, two small horns, large hybrid flowers on hips, snaggle tooth, crooked snout, regular sized tail but it's thin-haired (horse tail)

Have fun guys!!!
If anyone has any suggestions on what to submit this to group-wise or what tags to tag it that would be great!
Ronee .:OPEN BREEDABLE:. by EnchantedAdopts
.: Personal :.

Name: Ronee (Row-knee)
Gender: Female
Species: Dragon/Wolf/Mix
Sexuality: Bisexual (will breed with any gender/lack thereof)
Personality: Ronee takes after her father quite a bit. She didn't seem to inherit any of her mother's patience, although she does have a kind heart. She can be extremely impulsive, often rushing into things and competing with her father on every level she can. She may be brash and argumentative just like him, but she's a big ol' mama's girl deep down and loves nothing more than retiring to snuggle with Frond like she did as a pup. Currently she has no interest in a mate, and is occupied enough with trying to have her own adventures and stay close to her family.

.:Genetics and Breeding:.

-Father: Reer
-Paternal Grandparents: Therapy and Rich (Starters)
-Mother: Frond
-Maternal Grandparent A: Snag (Starter)
-Maternal Grandparent B: Bless I forget its name (Starter)
-Maternal Grandparent C: Diero
-Maternal Great-Grandparent C1: Fez (Starter)

Dominant: colors and markings, colored sclera, scaled dragon tail
Recessive: (Reer) colors and markings, smooth dragon tail; (Rich) colors and markings; (Therapy) long ears, demonic body, lack of hind legs; (Frond) colors and markings; (Snag) tall ears, notches in ears; (Hatchling) markings and colors; (Diero) markings and colors; (Fez) markings and colors, tendency to wear a hat, two tails
*Recessive Traits will only appear if the one(s) breeding with Ronee have these traits either displayed or in their lineage. If they have them in their lineage, you must link the member with them and they must be directly related to your breeder.*

.:Rules and Slots:.

~will breed with anyone/anything
~will breed with any species or mix of species
~there can be multiple partner breedings

Breeding Fee: 80 points

In order to breed with Ronee you must fill out the following form in the comments below:
Your Account:
Character You Wish to Breed with Ronee:
Link to that Character:
Any Extra Notes You Want Me to be Aware of:

SLOTS (the purchase of one slot is the purchase of two or more pups being made, you will automatically get to keep one)

If you are interested in roleplaying with Ronee or one of my other designs/characters then please message me through notes linking the character you are interested in roleplaying and whether you are hoping for them to have a relationship of a specific kind, have a litter, or just interact. You are required to come up with at least two prompts for plot ideas as well.


Design Created By: EnchantedAdopts
Drawn and Owned By: EnchantedAdopts

Do not copy, heavily reference, trace, or claim as your own in any other fashion.
Thank you.


you may pay in points or in USD via paypal. 100Points = $1USD

Breeding Fee is a fee you pay to breed with a design I have. It is a flat rate of 80Points unless stated otherwise. Before you pay it, I will create a widget for you to pay it to, so do NOT send payment until it has been approved. Regarding designs that have different fees, they will be listed on each design, based often on lineage and/or how complex the design is.

Breeding Process I will create 2+ offspring from the pairing, depending on how many I feel inspired to make. I will sometimes use a base to create these, but whether I use freehand or my own base, you will not have a price change. As the commissioner/requester you will get one design for free and any more you would like for a discounted price (listed beside the regular price). Once you have made your selection, I will either keep or sell the others created, and you will no longer get to change what ones you like or get a refund.

Auction Slots are when a litter slot is put up for auction. This may happen to retired, special or popular breeders. The winner gets a litter of two offspring, one they get for free, and one they can buy discounted or let me keep.

Couple Litters occasionally I will make litters with two of my characters! I will keep however many offspring I desire, and if any are left I will open them to the public to buy. Often I will allow watchers to request couple litters!!!

Designer Discounts if you are listed as the designer of the adoptable, then you will get a discount if you want a breeding! We can work something out if you note me! Options include: pay-what-you-want, design trade, 1/4 off, dta, etc.

Once the Design Is Yours you may draw it as much as you want, turn it into a breeder itself, and even make small changes to the design, NOT to the species. You MUST credit me every time you use it. You MAY NOT RESELL any designs you get from me, if you are done with them, please NOTE me the design and I will either take it back for no refund or allow you to GIVE it away for FREE.

If you have any further questions please ask below! All of my breedables are available in the folder in my gallery!

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