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Rules to Play By
Zephyrus' Rules of Sexual Adventures

1. Consent is a must. There must be consent in order for sexual acts to be pursued. Consent can only be taken written or verbally, not through 'reading of expression' or through 'reading of physical' appearance.
  A. Consent of someone who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol is not consent. These situations should be avoided and no sexual endeavors will be pursued.
  B. Consent of someone who appears to be compromised in some way, be it mentally, physically, or emotionally, is not consent. These situations should be treated with caution and no sexual endeavors will be pursued.

2. Age is something to be considered intently. Those underage for certain acts will be avoided.
  A. Sexual activities with anyone 18 or younger should not be pursued. No matter how tempting or attractive they are.
  B. Anything resembling flirting with those under 16 should be avoided. That is far too young to be engaging in any of that anyways.
  C. Age is not merely a tally of years alive, age can also be represented as the maturity level, emotional level, or mental level of the person in question. If at any point they come across as too childish, sexual endeavors should be called off.

3. Virgins are to be explicitly avoided. The first time with someone is something that shouldn't be wasted on a one night stand with someone who will never have feelings for you. So I won't screw anyone who is a virgin not even a 'partial' virgin.

4. The development of emotions will draw an immediate end to any form of sexual engagement. These emotions can be on either end, although it is far more likely not to be from me.
  A. Emotions can be described verbally or through physical gestures such as cuddling, pet names, gift giving, and wanting to try more 'romantic' options.
    1. Thus these things should be avoided at all costs.
    2. The only exception is these displays by Boreas, Caicius, and Kanaloa, but that's because they aren't going to manipulate me.

5. Never spend the night. This is often interpreted as something those in 'relationships' do. See number 4.

6. DO NOT GET OVERLY INVOLVED~! This is all just for fun, and if they don't understand that, then that's their problem. Don't change who you are for some dumb romantics.
Zeph's List
Zeph talks about his rules a lot in rps so I whipped this up right quick while in a really tired and emotional state.

I can tell you he's broken six a lot.
And soon he'll be breaking some others. Oops.

HT (c) Tea
Zeph (c) Me
Shie SECOND SLOT NOW OPEN by EnchantedAdopts
Name: Shie (prounounced 'shy')
Gender: Male
Species: Fox/Dragon Hybrid
Lineage: Shayd x Fiero
Generation: First-direct offspring
Same-litter-siblings: All three still available!
Genetic mutations: Two horns like Fiero, but one long one in the center like Shayd's. Pattern mutation present.
Personality: Shie was the last born of the litter between Fiero and Shayd and looks very much like Fiero. However, his personality seems to take more after Shayd. Although the smallest and youngest, he has been nothing close to 'shy'. He doesn't know how to filter what comes out of his mouth and asks question after question. He also LOVES to chew, and the nearest things to gnaw on are often his siblings, much to their dismay! He hasn't quite got the hang of flight yet, usually clawing at the air and ending up somersaulting over himself, usually taking down his littermates with him! He loves Shayd's stories and enjoys demanding them...usually in the middle of the night when his fathers are trying to sleep. However, once he burns off his energy he's just a big snuggle bug, sometimes literally burrowing UNDER all his siblings to get cozy and feel safe.

Auction Style Breeding
The highest bid wins.

Starting Bid: 100 points
Minimum Increment: 5 points
Autobuy: 400 points
AUTOBOUGHT BY Kalik-ing-Away

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:SLOT TWO:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:
Starting Bid: 100 points
Minimum Increment: 5 points
Autobuy: 500 points
CURRENT HIGHEST BID: 200 points (TeacupChimera)
Ends: April 1st

was feeling really down so made myself my own Fiero/Shayd pup. I feel a bit better now and I hope that you all welcome him with open arms and are prepared for art of him haha~
Disaster Strikes Pawsville I
End Date: April 10th

In an effort to be more efficient with roleplays and also remain involved in events, I am starting this tracker. I will be doing rps for all of my characters, but only limited ones. This will prevent any sort of overwhelming fallout. I am looking for people to rp with who will FINISH the rps with me by the end of the event so that there can be some sort of image done for the rp by the time of the deadline. Either written work or image work.

Roleplay Information
Method of Roleplaying: Skype is preferred but notes are just as great
Style of Roleplaying: Lit, although I will do script but I am not a fan of it
Extra Notes: I understand life gets in the way, believe me, I'm a busy intern keeping up with school and commissions. But please try to communicate with me if you're going to be gone several days in a row if you know in advance. Also, don't confuse yourself and your character, that's happened way too much lately where people have been taking roleplays far too personally. I like to rp and talk out of character with you to get to know you and create our own bond so that we know that neither of us is being antagonistic because of what's happening in the roleplay.

So if you are interested, please read through the characters' sheets COMPLETELY I have had a lot of people be all 'well how was I supposed to know that they didn't like sexual advances?' and to that I point out where it says so in their description. So please just be respectful and let's have some fun. Comment below if you're interested in one, right now I'll let each person choose one to rp with me, and then if after a week or so the others aren't filled and you want a second slot you can grab that as well.

HT :: RP Tracker :: Celeste by EnchantedAdopts
1. Reyez/Kay/Cordelia
2. Utena
Options: Celeste will probably be with Reyez during when the storm actually hits. However, it is highly possible that she would be willing to help any who stumbled into the apartment building where she and Reyez reside.


HT :: RP Tracker :: Eolian by EnchantedAdopts
1. Romy
Options: Eolian was out and about when the storm hit. He has been trapped in dog form under a fallen tree, it appears that his back end has been wedged down beneath the trunk, but it doesn't seem to be applying too much pressure. However, if help doesn't arrive soon it could shift and crush him.


HT :: RP Tracker :: Avalon by EnchantedAdopts
1. Taylor
Options: The newly engaged couple were enjoying a night to themselves when the storm hit. Avalon's sister Cam, and their friend Cory were not at home, so it is just Avalon and Rooster. They will take in anyone who comes to seek shelter, as it appears their house has been blessed to be out of the way of the worst of the storm.


HT :: RP Tracker :: Cory by EnchantedAdopts
1. Cazzandra/Jesse
Options: Cory and Cam (NPC) were letting Avalon and Rooster have a night to themselves by heading out to a hotel. Little did they realize that a storm was on the way. RP before/during the storm with whatever character you present. We'll see how it goes.


HT :: RP Tracker :: Zephyrus by EnchantedAdopts
HT :: RP Tracker :: Kanaloa by EnchantedAdopts
Zeph and Kana
1. Boreas/Caicius
These two will not be used in this event outside of the rp with the other cockatiel brothers. This has been pre-determined. Thank you for your patience, they may be available for further use in the second part of the event.


I hope that you all get some amazing roleplays and art done for this event! <3

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