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It's You by EnchantedAdopts
It's You
Andi found an orange pumpkin in her lunch bag that made her think of her best friend Coal.

Coal was...not amused.

drawn by yours truly and approved by Coal's creator
we had too much fun tonight with these ladies
Goodnight Doodles by EnchantedAdopts
Goodnight Doodles
Andi and Coal being stupid with their height difference.
Andi and her child from here

I love making dumb art ; v ; <3
For [ Mandatory Event ] Halloween Hunt and Party! for Millennium-City
Featuring Coal and Andi
A collaboration with my dear friend Nitu82 in which I drew the beginning two sections, she drew the next two rows, and I then split the last row with her fifty fifty. We hope that you enjoy our silly travels into the lives of our even sillier girls.
In which Coal finds a GREEN pumpkin and Andi finds a YELLOW pumpkin.

I promise there will be a better pic later ; ;
For those who can't read the writing, here's a transcript!:

COAL: Get your unpacking hands ready!
ANDI: They are so ready!
ANDI: unpacking hands are tired. Hnnn.
COAL: Just a bit more Andi. We're so close to finally finishing!
ANDI: *indistinct mumbling about being hungry*
COAL: Andi! What's wrong!?
ANDI: FRIENDSHIP PUMPKINS!! (Dunno where they came from)
ANDI: Let's eat them!
COAL: Let's carve them.
ANDI: I'll get the knives.
where are they?
ANDI: Do we have anything else?
COAL: Hold on.
COAL: It's you.
ANDI: my child...
ANDI: NOW can we get some food?
COAL: Andi...your pumpkin...
COAL: um...sure.
Avalon Stop by EnchantedAdopts
Avalon Stop
In response to Oliver's query about why Avalon's hair is different every time they meet OTL

avalon and i had not even realized that oli has seen avi with like three different hair styles oops

Wasthatyourcake24 have a sheepish apologetic avalon scribble ; ;
Candy Crush by EnchantedAdopts
Candy Crush
Avalon and Eolian answer Ace's inquiry!

Ace wrote in asking about who they crushed on...
"Dear Ace, I'm actually dating a wonderful guy named Rooster. I can't see myself with anyone else, to be honest. He's just so....perfect. Sincerely, Avalon."
Whereas Eolian..."wait wait what is crushing i don't crush people!"

Sorry it's so streaky, was scribbling in paper that is not receptive to markers and the markers i used are not my usual ones they're cheap and gross :I

So yes I butchered Ace, Samagirl and I am so sorry about it ; ;

It's about that time again, everyone. That time where I open a new contest with a new prompt. This one is even closer to my heart and will be even harder to judge than any prior to it, as this one is focused on drawing my actual pets. Please continue reading and watching for updates on it, as I will be working on it consistently until it starts!

Contest Begins: October 12th currently

Contest Prompt: To create a work of art concerning my pets, Pavoradi and Koda. As many of you know, I lost Pavo at the beginning of summer, and adopted Koda roughly a month ago. They are both my boys and remain in my heart, and I want to hold a contest in their honor. You can draw one or the other, or both! Any media is accepted, and there will be several winners in this contest. If you have any specific questions please feel free to inquire below, I promise I don't bite!

Do's and Don't's!: DO NOT-draw using gore, porn, or human forms. DO NOT change the species of these two or the genders.
DO be creative! Try new media and styles! 3D and 2D work is accepted and loved, if you can actually mail whatever you make to me that's fantastic as well and I will cherish it forever!

My Weaknesses: (will always be expanding)
-Pavo being protective
-Angel Winged Pavoradi
-Fluffy Pavo and Koda cuddles
-Traditional Art

(ref sheet coming soon)
Photographic References
Pavoradi as a kitten
This Paper Is Blank
This is why i dont sleep anymore
Softly Whisper
Bro Fist Anyone?
Happy April Fools Guys
Lazy Boy
A Present For You

(ref sheet coming soon)
Photographic References
Meet Koda
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Judging: Judging will be done by myself, if stumped I will consult my family for further opinions. Judging will be done based on whatever category I am judging for, but never on how 'good' you are as an artist. That is only a factor, not the singular piece to make the decision.

Placements: Please note you may enter as many times as you want, but your piece can only win in one category. However, two of your pieces could win two categories, if that makes sense.
-Most Realistic Depiction-This doesn't mean realism, although that is an option. This can be the best representation of their physical appearances OR the best representation of their personalities.
-Most Creative-Exactly as it says, someone who really went above and beyond and was creative either with their concept or with the materials they used.
-Most Emotional-The piece that made my heart hurt or sing, that made me weep or laugh. This piece will have used elements to create a truly emotional work.
-Pavo's Choice-The piece that Pavo would have liked the best, whether it was the most full of 'cat humor' or the best depiction of himself.
-Koda's Choice-The piece that Koda likes the best, whether it is the most full of 'puppy antics' or the best depiction of himself.

Prizes: These are subject to change, but will only ever increase in quantity! If you'd like to donate some prizes it would be much appreciated <3
-Most Realistic Depiction: 500 points, fullbody/fullcolor drawing of one character, 2 chibis, and a feature for a month
-Most Creative: 500 points, fullbody/fullcolor drawing of one character, 2 chibis, and a feature for a month
-Most Emotional: 500 points, fullbody/fullcolor drawing of one character, 2 chibis, and a feature for a month
-Pavo's Choice: 250 points, fullbody/fullcolor drawing of one character, 2 chibis, and a feature for a month
-Koda's Choice: 250 points, fullbody/fullcolor drawing of one character, 2 chibis, and a feature for a month

If you have any questions please ask below!

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