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Looking for people to commission, only in points, however, must be able to draw humans~I don't care about art level, I'm far more interested in supporting people who watch me, so please only respond if you are a watcher! Drop me your prices <3
I am so hyped to see my family again that I am possibly going to draw YOUR CHARS for FREE. Or donation~
Just link me below to some characters and if there are any I fancy I'll play around with them~
A donation of any amount allows you to make a small request of if you want any of my characters drawn with them~
Donations of larger (100+) amounts will be justly rewarded <3
Check Us Out! by EnchantedAdopts
Check Us Out!
So I'm redoing several of my actual characters, and thought that I'd also open them up for a few special breeding slots~Basically, as I finish their revamps they will be added to this sheet and the sheet will be updated for all of you to get in your inbox. Each character has their own personality and rules about breeding (if breeding is offered) so please take your time reading over everything so as to make the process as fun and easy as possible for everyone involved! Also, don't steal them, heavily reference them, or claim them as your own, I will be extremely upset.

Soar Old Ref
Gender: Male
Partner: ???
Height: 5'4"
Age: 20
Likes: birds, flying, wind, wings, the sky, stars, feather collecting, daydreaming
Dislikes: pessimistic attitudes, the dark, frogs (both the sight and sound of them freak him out he thinks they're gross)
History: Soar always dreamed of flying, watching the sky for long hours and learning how to read the wind by how it felt in his fur. He spent years daydreaming about flight, and it became his sole wish. In an interesting turn of events, he gained the wing markings across his shoulders and found that they could extend into wings whenever he willed it. Given his heart's desire, he now remains content and carefree, often found darting around with his dearest friend Koral.
Personality: Soar is a carefree young man who often doesn't understand why others have more cynical outlooks on life. He's eager to make friends and keep others dreaming. Often he gets lost in his own little world, and he can be a bit rash when it comes to defending his friends.

Breeding Information
Soar is available to have some pups. Each puppy will be drawn in feral form as well as given a human bust design, possibly more if I get really invested. There are several bits of information that must be taken into account, though.
Passable Traits: Coloration, every marking EXCEPT his wing markings (those are exclusive to him, not genetic), hair color, skin color, eye color, the possibility of wings ONLY if the other partner(s) also has wings
IMPORTANT INFO: This is a character of mine, not just a breedable, thus you can not breed with any offspring with him more than three times. PLEASE. You also may not reference him in any sort of backstory, and the offspring will not partake in any plot that Soar ends up being part of.
Ways to Breed: There are several ways to breed, and first be sure to read everything above to be sure you are truly interested. Then please proceed below:
Soar is a SLOTTED Breedable
There are several methods of breeding. The fastest way is to pay 500 points for a pup (remember you're getting a ref with fullbody feral and a human bust). Another method is art-you can draw Soar fullbody, fullcolor, in human or feral form, and then draw him with the character(s) you wish to breed with him. These two art pieces will pay for your slot. The final method is to bargain with me, doing half and half art/points, asking about design trades, etcetera. I'm seriously not that scary to talk to so just comment below with any interest~You MAY combine Soar with up to two of your own characters for extreme gene pooling, but the extra character costs another 150 points.
When you want to breed, comment below (it's first come first serve) with a link to the character(s) you want to breed with him, the method of payment you wish to use, and what gender you would like your pup.
Ways to Customize: If there's a specific color, marking, etc. that you want passed along, please look below:
Add 100 points: pick a trait to pass down, whether a marking, a color, or a feature
Add 300 points: for characters with a bloodline, request a trait that is in their genealogy but not necessarily in their own makeup
Add 600 points: get two designs!
Add 1000 points: get a fullbody feral, a fullbody human, and have it all put nicely on a ref sheet with any info you desire

Also feel free to ask to roleplay with him! If it goes well and we are both invested, you may end up with something <3

I think that's it for now. Please do remember that these are my precious designs and that while I want to have fun with them, I will be firm about any implemented rules. Thank you and please feel free to comment below~

-tell you about this amazing new group. Okay like I know you're probably all going 'But Topaz you're already in several groups'. Well, Happy Tails I have a huge plot going right now that needs time to fester/develop, and Millenium City doesn't require much. So I figured, why not bring back an old face, Preston~

BR Application-Preston by EnchantedAdopts

Seriously though, this group, aside from kicking that artist block that has been choking me for a while, allows you to explore and capture Pokemon in the brand new Borealis Region. There are no Fakemon, something I'm grateful for, and not all the Pokemon currently out are available in this region (just like in other regions, you are limited and that adds to the fun!). There are already tons of people in the group with amazing applications and ideas and I am honestly more psyched for this than I can put into words.

Perhaps the most unique feature thus far is how you achieve your 'starter'. Instead of choosing for yourself, new trainers, such as Preston, go to the Pokemon Lab and are assessed by the stars/horoscopes/their personality in order to find the chosen starter for them. Such a unique system instantly drew me in, and I can't wait to see what Preston achieves here.

So come join me! You can play around with Preston and the other cool cats in the group! The mods are super great and helpful, and there are promises of plot in the future! There's a ton of adventure to be had in the Borealis Region so grab your Pokeballs and get out there!!!
My Old Friend by EnchantedAdopts
My Old Friend
Oh wow what's this well I got out of English early and was just sitting in the library and oops I pooped out a picture.
Meet Avalon's hometown gang, let's learn about them, left to right!

-now 28 years old
-Asian origins
-graduated with a Business major
-plays soccer
-at the time of this picture was dating Lana, now they're engaged
-6'7" currently
-Shawn just has his mom and twin sister at home. Being the only boy, he's very protective and empathetic. His family is extremely important to him, and it was through taking his sister to dance lessons that he actually wound up meeting the rest of the gang and getting into dance himself.
-Has a cute mole
-Two silver hoops on right ear to represent his mom and sister, the two greatest influences since he was born
-Favorite Dance Styles: hip hop, ballroom, swing
-currently traveling the world as a representative of the company he works for, with his fiance Lana along for the ride

-now 26 years old
-Middle Eastern origins
-graduated with a Foreign Language Education major
-fluent in Spanish, English, French, and Portugese
-dated Shawn for several years and is now happily engaged to him
-Lana's family is her father, who came from the Middle East, her mother who was born in America, and her younger brothers. They all supported her going to college and following her dreams, as well as her engagement to Shawn, although her dad did scare him at first.
-loves to play with hair
-Met the gang when she started to take dance more seriously. She was raised to dance several traditional dances of her culture, from her father and his family, but also enjoys other styles.
-best friends with Avi and Cam since forever
-Favorite Dance Styles: traditional dance, ballroom, modern
-currently traveling the world with her fiance, Shawn, but hopes to stop by to visit Avalon in his new home soon

-goes by 'Cam'
-best friends with Lana since forever
-26 currently
-mixed origins
-has gauges, snake bites, one gold hoop in her left ear and two gold studs in her right one
-also has a tattoo that matches Avalon's on her arm
-Avalon's adopted older sister. She tried to contact her birth parents when she turned sixteen but they wanted absolutely nothing to do with her. She essentially said 'fuck you' back at them and carried on enjoying her life with Avalon and their new parents. He is everything to her and she can be extremely protective of him.
-graduated with an English Education major
-currently teaching as well as writing books and being involved in community theatre
-Used to model and that's what got her interested in dancing, she brought Avalon along because the two of them were rarely apart. She has plans to visit him in Pawsville soon.
-Favorite Dance Styles: modern, jazz, hip hop, swing

-goes by 'Avi'
-wow you guys should know about him by now he's all over my gallery, but here's some more info
-YES that is his natural hair, he now dyes it almost constantly because he's scared of revealing too much of himself
-23 currently
-mixed origins
-best friends with Lana since forever
-Camelot's adopted younger brother. His birth mother remains in touch with him and has let him know that he'll have a half-sibling soon. He loves his adopted family as though he'd been born to them and would do anything he could to help them. He owes his life to his sister on multiple accounts.
-half-blind and half-deaf, has tattoos on his 'bad side'
-Idolized Cam and wanted to do everything with her so he joined her in dance and fell in love with the art of it all.
-no sexual preference or identification
-graduated with a Psychology BA Major
-currently dating Rooster and offering therapy to local patients and others over the online site that his employer runs
-Favorite Dance Styles: basic ballroom, modern, jazz, swing

-sometimes referred to as 'Ri' or 'Ginge/Ginger'
-21 currently, always was the baby of the group
-Irish origins
-yes he has an accent, he just hides it very well
-His dad left when he was young, so he was raised in Ireland by his mom, who taught him to love dance and to always stay true to himself. She passed away despite every attempt by doctors to save her, and Cory was put into the foster system. His dad came from America to get him, taking him away from the European world he'd fallen in love with, and forcing him into a new town. He met the gang at school, and they invited him into the dance classes, where he proved to have great natural talent. His dad didn't understand the appeal of the 'sissy art' and tried to force him into other things, but Cory was adamant to hang onto this piece of his mother and him. He earned his own money for lessons and easily ascended to the top duo of the group. However, things don't always work out.
-was studying to be a Dance Major
-freckles everywhere
-doesn't identify with a sexuality
-currently in Pawsville staying with Avalon, to get back on his feet from who knows what.
-Favorite Dance Styles: hip hop, modern, jazz, swing, ballroom


Well that's the gang~If you have any questions please do inquire below, I am always happy to talk about my children. All of them are mine and so is the art, so please do not heavily reference, copy, trace, steal, or claim as yours. Thank you so much~

someone very important is missing from this picture
there were three pairs of dancing partners
I am so hyped to see my family again that I am possibly going to draw YOUR CHARS for FREE. Or donation~
Just link me below to some characters and if there are any I fancy I'll play around with them~
A donation of any amount allows you to make a small request of if you want any of my characters drawn with them~
Donations of larger (100+) amounts will be justly rewarded <3

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